Why Undercoat?

Why Undercoat?

Packard of Vermont offers Fluid Film vehicle undercoating. Fluid Film is an environmentally friendly, lanolin-based wax. Unlike oil, Fluid Film doesn’t drip off, which means better protection for your vehicle.
Undercoating your vehicle before winter weather hits will:
-protect your vehicle from harsh abrasives, like salt brine, that are used on winter roads
-help to prevent rust and corrosion
-save you money on long term repair costs
-help your vehicle retain its value longer
-help slow the corrosion process on vehicles that are already showing some rust areas

Pricing for undercoating varies depending on the vehicle:

Cars: $149

Small SUV, Van, Small Pickup: $179

Full Size SUV or Truck: $199

*Custom pricing available for trailers and other vehicles.

*We DO NOT drill holes in your vehicle to fill with undercoating fluid.

*Undercoating takes 30-60 minutes and can be done while you wait in most cases

*Undercoating is best done in the fall before roads are treated with any abrasives

*We recommend undercoating your car annually

*We reschedule if weather conditions are bad, as undercoating will adhere best in dry conditions